Now is the Thinnest Time

Today begins Samhain, which literally means “summer’s end.” November 1 also marks the beginning of the new year in the Celtic calendar. And because of that, today (and the night preceding - Halloween) is considered the thinnest time of the all the thin times in the entire year.

Whole Woman Blend

Today is an upsetting day for so many of us. If you're feeling visceral fear & deeply upset about the news, here's a blend to help alleviate the dread, worry, sadness, confusion. This diffuser blend may also help with the physical symptoms of nausea, shallow breathing, rapid heart rate, tears, and dizziness. 

Celebrate the Summer Solstice

Midsummer is a time of celebration. We celebrate nature, fertility, creation, abundance, successes.  We celebrate the triumph of good hearts over evil spirits. June, the time of peak summer, is the month of the oak tree which is a symbol of strength and vitality.