a yoga teacher, a healer, a writer, a mentor
All my work is about creating space for change

That's why I am creating WellSpring Stones

And I am so excited!

 Photo Credit: Alumbra Photography

Photo Credit: Alumbra Photography

I want to create joy.  
I long for a world where deep smiles
in our eyes are more natural 
than dark circles under our eyes.

I wish to laugh as often as I can. 
promote restoration 
and yearn to see the ability to
rest recognized as a strength.


I aspire to elevate wellbeing
(and yeah, I dig yoga & meditation for this.)
To redefine healing and wholeness.
I embrace whatever works from where ever.
With discernment.


I believe stories matter.  A lot.  
What we tell ourselves and others. 

Stories transcend time, place,
culture and personality.  
Stories build empathy.

I create awareness of
the effects of surroundings on welfare.
 I encourage connection and community
amid a predominance of
detachment and disassociation.

With a clear compelling voice I aim to make visible the
invisible agony & isolation

of those living with chronic illness.

 I cannot achieve these goals alone.
Find out how you can help. 

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