Yoga Praise

My body has been jonesing for your yoga. I feel like a new person - invigorated.
— Carol
I always looked forward to her classes. I felt like I’ve had a workout on the cellular level.The minute I walked in, I could feel myself relaxing. You were so welcoming and loving and your studio was impeccably appointed. You paid attention to the little things, without being fussy about it. You inspired me as I started on my late life yoga teaching career.
— Sally
Can I start drooling now?
— Olivia
Cassandra’s classes make me HAPPY and EXCITED!
— Maria
We miss you; your classes were so athletic.
— Anonymous
Cassandra makes yoga very approachable and not at all intimidating. I look forward to the warmth (literal and figurative).
— Laura
Cassandra is a wonderful teacher – prepared for each class and personal attention to each student. Classes are varied and paced extremely well. After, I feel rejuvenated, optimistic and good about myself.
— Kate
Your classes me feel very calm and limber. I’m always better off for coming to class! I tell others your focus for each class, your sense of humor and your teaching skills.
— Jan
I feel less aggravated but I’m not sure if that’s because of restorative yoga or because I’ve been away from my (4) kids for an hour.
— Beatrice
All I need now is a Mai Tai with a really long straw.
— Anthony

Other Praise

Webster’s Dictionary defines Cassandra as follows (I’m paraphrasing) - A beautiful kind soul that will come to you when you least expect it but most need it...Thank you for your incredible kindness and generosity.
— Isra
My lovely soul, what a connector you are, opening doors to bring everyone together.
— Isabelle
I love you for so many reasons. You always find ways to plan seeds of love in us. Whatever I did to will your beautiful into my life...thank you for being part of it. I LOVE you!
— Jackie