For over three years, I've been working on a new endeavor.  

WellSpring Stones is a wellness learning center that will provide Intelligent, engaging, and sensitive information as well as distraction for those living with chronic illness.   We'll feature strategies and services to advance lifestyle skills, promote peace and acceptance as well as nurture beauty, joy and meaning.   

It's going to be beautiful!     

Launching in 2016.  Stay tuned!   

Our Mission

Wellspring Stones' mission to create a place where those living with chronic illness will find the resources they need to ease their suffering.   At Wellspring Stones, we aspire to bring you back to being whole, seen and happy.   

Our Principles


Authenticity We honor legitimate challenges, recognize true losses and address you with candor. Being real and honest in itself is healing and thwarts the invalidation of invisible illness.

Enlightment We advocate learning and advancing, no matter what. We explore, examine and experiment. We marvel at new ideas and continual changes. We know learning takes time and a willingness to circle back to progress and evolve.

Health We believe wellness is not a destination but an ongoing excursion, whether you are sick or not, and that path includes time for creating joy, humor, wit and fun.

Inclusivity We aim to build a bridge between the peacefulness of Eastern culture and the poetry of Western culture. We appreciate that the joys and trails of the human condition transcend time and place.

Clarity We create resources that are concise, accessible and streamlined. We design while mindful of the limitations of the mind when the body ails. 

Pragmatism We value open minds that are scrappy and flexible. We admire people willing to venture despite adversity.

Dignity We promote the cultivation of a good and meaningful life, despite illness, and esteem a calm, sensitive, compassionate space as part of wholeness.

Walk to the well.
Turn as the earth and the moon turn,
circling what they love.
Whatever circles comes from the center. 
— Rumi (Coleman Barks, trans.)