Expand your market

Do you offer a service or product that promotes wellness?   We are looking for contributors, and you may help in a few ways.   

Would you like to educate?   

We are currently looking for guest writers for our blog at Wellspring Stones.    One of the 6 principles of Wellspring Stones is 


We explore and experiment.  We marvel at new ideas and continual changes.  We advocate learning and advancing, no matter what. 

If you have information you believe would be helpful to those living with chronic illness, I'd like to here from you.  

Another key principle is


We create resources that are concise, accessible and streamlined and that are mindful of limitations of the mind when the body ails.    

For more about the mission and values of Wellspring Stones, see here.

We can coach and guide you on how to address this special audience.  Specific Editorial & Submission Guidelines for Wellspring Stones will be available very soon.   

Would you like to provide?

We are in the process of assembling wellness bundles.   If you have an organic product you would like to have considered for inclusion, please write us at  and include why and how you believe those living with a chronic illness would benefit.