Why I Live in DC  

I have lived in DC nearly all of my adult life (excepting 18 months when I moved home when I first became ill). I love love love this city.  I joke it's because I like white marble.   There's a lot of that here!   I do like what the white marble represents - ideals, Rome, politics and aspiration (most of the white marble buildings were built before the United States grew into them).    


How I Wrote Memos to Mom Blog

From 2007-2013, I wrote a blog dedicated to the memory of my mother Angela,   Because she loved politics (as do I), most of the posts address that.  But history, art, film, literature and her faith also animated her and does me, so some of that crept in too.  I curated the web and write about those topics.  Check it out for all sorts of neat and fun stuff.

Which Places in DC I adore

What to do in DC

OR you could 

  • Complete my scavenger hunt around the White House!   I developed this scavenger hunt for my 9 nieces and nephews (ages 9-16) to do over Easter Weekend 2014.   Map for the hunt is free.   The answer key is available for a nominal fee.  

Photo Gallery of DC