On Why I Love DC  

On Why I Love DC  


I love love love this city! 

I joke it's because I like white marble. There's a lot of that here! I do like what the white marble represents - ideals, Rome and politics. Most of the white marble buildings were built before the United States grew into them, and I adore those aspirations. 

I also love discussing politics with the smartest cab drivers anywhere. They can debate not only because they listen to NPR all day but often have advanced degrees from universities in other countries. I love hearing different languages on the street corner. And watching the World Cup here.  

I learn a lot - information is in the air here and is the currency. I love that too because I value learning.

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On How to Hunt 

Complete my scavenger hunt around the White House!   I developed this scavenger hunt for my 9 nieces and nephews (ages 9-16) to do over Easter Weekend 2014. Map for the hunt is free.  The answer key is available upon request.   

Flare Care Blend

Flare Care Blend

Who is the Goddess of Healing?

Who is the Goddess of Healing?