About Wellspring Stones

If you’re here, it’s because, like me, you’ve tried.
You’ve really, really tried. Regular doctors. Alternative doctors. Functional medicine doctors. Naturopaths, homeopaths, every -path under the sun. And maybe some of them have helped you. I hope so!

No, you’re not crazy. Or “emotionally attached” to your illness.
Your friends and family might think that. But truly, all you want is to have your old life back. Your energy, your looks, your body, your long-lost luxury to take “feeling normal”—doing your laundry, taking a shower, meeting friends for dinner, taking care of others—for granted.

You’re living with illness not because you want to, but because it won’t go away. And this is the place that gets that.

Why Wellspring Stones
There are some great websites out there for wellness. They’re punchy, upbeat and full of great ideas. But let’s be real—you can’t always turn your bathroom into a candle-lit ashram when you barely have it in you to crawl out from under the covers. Not doable.

Here, we’re all about doable.  

About lifting you up when you can barely lift your head; helping you make your life fulfilling and joyful when it’s confined to your house or your bed

I’m a certified yoga therapist, a meditation teacher and an author. Through yoga, meditation, writing, aromatherapy and other tools, my clients experience more freedom and wonder. I offer 1:1 mentorship, eGuides, checklists, meditations, and self-study mini-courses. I curate the amazing ocean of health and wellness information on the web so you don’t have to. And I provide ideas and ways for you to get away from it all right now on your laptop.  

Wellspring Stones is a wellness learning center that provides intelligent, engaging, and sensitive information.  We feature pragmatic strategies and services to advance lifestyle skills and promote peace. We also help our clients cultivate joy, discover meaning and nurture beauty.


A little bit about me...


Cassandra Marcella Metzger,

When I got sick in 2000, I could not find what I needed online - a place with pragmatic advice, a place that was spacious with possibility, a place that offered digested information I could take in despite the brain fog. That's why I created Wellspring Stones - the online oasis for those living with illness.

A yogini since 1994 and a teacher since 2002, I'm now a practicing yoga therapist. I ran my own yoga studio, nilambu, from 2003-2010 where I taught students how to befriend their bodies. I know meditation is marvelous medicine and probably saved my life. And I've used aromatherapy to feel better since the early 1990s and am excited to be now a DoTERRA Wellness Advocate.  

I’m a former attorney (though I think once an attorney always an attorney!) When I got sick I was working at PBS Headquarters working at my dream job with smart people doing important work. I had just bought a home. I was in my early thirties and dating and looking for a partner to build a life and a family with. I had gathered and hosted my dearest friends to celebrate the millennium. Within months all that, all my hopes for my life, was gone, - through no choice of my own.

In addition to a law school grad, I’m a Vassar grad and have a masters in creative writing from Johns Hopkins. I value the life of the mind, believe what’s past is prologue, and that the pen is a tool that can, when wielded effectively, confer immortality. I know this because I know the minds of a lot of dead writers. 

I'm grateful for all the mama blessings - of my mother, my aunt, my first yoga teacher Savitri, and my other teachers. I work to honor their learnings & legacies.

One translation of a yoga teacher is a darkness dispeller. I love that because yoga dissipated so much darkness for me. I aspire to dispel darkness for others. 

And hey, if you need some writing done, I also provide writing, copy and editing services.  

Professional Profile & Resume 

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Back when my hair was very, very long!


May you live in safety.   
May you have peace and joy.  
May you have physical happiness, health and freedom from pain.   
May you live at ease, without struggle in your daily life.
And know love, be love and share love.

So, how DOES a Yoga Therapist differ from a Teacher?

A yoga teacher guides students through a yoga sequence and teaches poses.  A yoga therapist focuses foremost on her client's needs and creates a responsive practice to relieve symptoms or health conditions. As practitioner of yoga since 1994 and a teacher since 2003, I was honored when the International Association of  Yoga Therapist certified me as a therapist in 2017.

Here’s my Yoga Training & Resume

Watch a short film about my story - maybe you can relate.

Quick Answer Fun

After a bad night, to recover I 
clear my schedule and take a bath. Or give myself a love rub.
Ahem, that would be a self-massage!

On my nightstand 
is a huge stack of books, a scented candle and a feather.

My go-to boredom buster 
is television, and boy am I glad we're in a golden age!

My favorite wellness drink 
is coconut water, cacoa powder, almond butter, vanilla extract and a banana.

The snack that uplifts me the most 
is avocado with cayenne pepper and Himalayan salt on a rice cracker or gluten-free toast. Love that!

In a crisis
I call one of my dear friends.

I love
to knit, dance, sing, laugh and cook for a large crowd. 

My most sacred object 
is my charm bracelet.

I restart my day by
taking a shower if I'm strong enough. Spraying perfume if not.

For a guaranteed laugh 
watch John Olivier – finally someone who can make news funny and engaging.

The book that influenced me the most is 
it’s really, really hard to say just one.
How about 3 – Katherine by Anya Seton, Justine by Lawrence Durrell and The Passion by Jeannette Winterson.

The most beautiful place I’ve ever visited is 
the Turks & Caicos.

I wish for 
laughter, side-splitting laughter. I look for it every day.

I live in DC because
I can debate current events with anybody I meet. I meet people from around the world. And the cashier at my CVS asked customers who they think wrote the anonymous OpEd!

My Whys


  • Words Matter words can hurt as much as sticks and stones.

  • Companions Count even if they just sit in silence next to you and bear witness. Sometimes especially then.

  • Tenacity Helps if relaxed and open to possibility.


storytellers, smarts, kindness, dance, dreams, my great girlfriends, community, knowledge, history, poetry, literature, moxy, wit, creativity. Wise old crones and generous teachers. Sticktoitiveness. And Wonder Woman.

I advocate

to give voice to the invisible, choice-less agony to those living with mercurial, mysterious and misunderstood chronic disease. That's why I volunteered to organize the Millions Missing Visibility Action on the Freedom Plaza here in DC in May 2018.  My passion is to create ease, build resilience and spark spirit. And to help those who feel disbelieved and disparaged to be heard, seen and understood. 



inspire and be inspired.
respect experiences, including my own.  
trust my instincts.  
honor my sensations.
make a safe place to mourn losses.
ask for wonder. 
look for more surprises, more adventure, more opportunities.
reveal my heart courageously.  
pace myself.
cultivate connection, preferably with delicious meals & lots of wine.
accept help. (yeah, that one is the hardest.)
look for ways to feel and be better.   
remember wellbeing is an ongoing pursuit.
seek delight and giggles and belly laughs and tears of joy.
always try to do my best. 
forgive. Forgive most of all.  
leave the world a better place.

Kiss slowly. Laugh insanely. Live truly. Forgive quickly.
— Paulo Coelho