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My motto is "servabo fidem"

I help those living with chronic illness find the resources and build the repertoire they need to ease their suffering. I know living well while ill is not an oxymoron.
Let me show you. 


Our Services

I teach people who live with illness how to redesign their lives so that they can have more joy and less agony. Through yoga, meditation, writing, aromatherapy and other tools, my clients experience more freedom and wonder. I offer 1:1 mentorship, eCourses, eBooks, meditations, and self-directed coaching email series.  I also provide writing, copy and editing services.  

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What Is a Yoga Therapist?

A yoga teacher guides students through a yoga sequence and teaches poses.  A yoga therapist focuses foremost on her client's needs and creates a responsive practice to relieve symptoms or health conditions. As practitioner of yoga since 1994 and a teacher since 2003, I was honored when the International Association of  Yoga Therapist certified me as a therapist in 2017.

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Discover Wellspring Stones

In 2016, I launched WellSpring Stones - the online oasis for those living with illness. Wellspring Stones is a wellness learning center that provides intelligent, engaging, and sensitive information.  We feature pragmatic strategies and services to advance lifestyle skills and promote peace. We also help our clients cultivate joy, discover meaning and nurture beauty.

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Live With Ease
Despite Disease

It's not easy, but ease is possible. I aspire to bring you back to being whole, seen and happy. I've been in the trenches for nearly 20 years and have figured out a lot. Let me guide you so you can enjoy living again too.


Walk to the well.
Turn as the earth and the moon turn,
circling what they love.
Whatever circles comes from the center. 

— Rumi (as translated by Coleman Barks)


My Mission

servabo fidem means I will keep the faith. My other motto is dum spiro spero - while I breathe, I hope. I trust that anything is possible, so long as you are still breathing. I believe in renaissance and spontaneous healing. I know love can be tender, generous, intimate and lusty. And I think anything and anyone and anywhere can change. I am loyal to that.

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